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Life Coaching services offered in Cupertino CA

Whether you’re feeling stuck in your career, uncreative, or uncommunicative with loved ones, life coaching can help you bridge the gap between your current state and where you’d like to be. At Earthy Ruby in Cupertino, California, wellness specialist Jon Huang, LAc and his team provide personalized life coaching services so you can overcome the most pressing obstacles in your life. To schedule an appointment, call Earthy Ruby or book online today.

Life Coaching Q & A

What is life coaching?

Life coaching involves working with a wellness professional to progress toward your personal goals in life. It’s a fully personalized service to improve your relationships, career, self-esteem, and daily life.

At Earthy Ruby, the team helps you clarify your goals and identify potential obstacles standing in your way of reaching them. Then, they help you identify ways of overcoming those obstacles. 

Another notable step in the life coaching process is identifying your strengths. The team at Earthy Ruby helps you use the skills to your advantage while working toward your goals. You can also learn new skills, such as problem-solving, during your time in lifestyle coaching. 

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Life coaching boasts outstanding results. Beyond giving you new perspectives and insights on problem-solving, life coaching helps you eliminate some of your bad habits and thought processes.

Some benefits you might gain from your life coaching experience at Earthy Ruby are:

  • Better communication skills
  • Better work/life balance
  • Overcoming fears
  • Stronger bonds with loved ones
  • Improved finances
  • Enhanced creative skills
  • Ability to recognize and apply your best skills
  • Career advancement or change

Over the course of weeks, months, or even years, you can check in with your life coach during regular sessions at Earthy Ruby. Over time, you can observe the changes happening in real time as you reach your goals.

Who should consider life coaching?

Life coaching can benefit anyone since it’s fully personalized. A few popular reasons that people seek out life coaching services are:

  • Frequent irritability or anger problems
  • High levels of stress
  • General anxiety
  • Social anxiety
  • Dissatisfaction with work or career
  • Trouble breaking bad habits
  • Wanting to improve creativity

You and the team at Earthy Ruby can center your experience around meeting just one goal or many across several areas of your life. Even if you go into life coaching without knowing what you want to get from it, the team works with you to figure out where to start. 

To schedule an initial appointment for life coaching where you can talk to the team about your goals, call Earthy Ruby or schedule an appointment online today.